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Est 1988


Located in Harlem/Morningside Heights, Massawa is a purveyor of fine Ethiopian and Eritrean Food.

Photo by Petit World Citizen

Massawa Restaurant opened in May 1988 and is located on the corner of 121st street on Amsterdam Avenue.

Our food is traditionally served with injera and eaten by hand. Injera is home baked flat African bread with no sugar or salt added and made from Teff, which is the smallest wheat grain in the world and is found in the high mountains of East Africa. Also, some of our food is cooked with Berbere, which is a hot red spice, and a hot sauce called Awaze. Our entrees are served with two sides of vegetables. If you like, we have rice and utensils at your service. Enjoy your meal and thank you for experiencing an African cuisine.




(212) 663-0505



1239 Amsterdam Ave
New York, NY 10027



Mon-Sun 11:30a–11p